Auditions 2022

This fall, we will be holding our 2022 auditions fully in-person throughout Week 1! Sign ups can be found here: 


For your audition, please prepare a song of your choice that best showcases your vocal abilities and best qualities. This song should be 30 seconds to 1 minute long, which roughly translates to a verse and a chorus! However, please be sure not to sing with an instrument or accompaniment (you'll be plenty stunning all by yourself). Both ascending and descending scales will also be required in your audition, which will give us a good overall idea of your vocal range!


Thinking of auditioning as a beatboxer? If so, we ask that you prepare a minute-long beatboxing solo that shows us your style, sense of rhythm, and various sounds/fills/flairs. 

Finally, don't hesitate to reach out via email or our social media platforms if you have any questions. We look forward to hearing your audition! 


   9/25 2-6pm

 Kerckhoff State Room 131

   9/26 5-9 pm

524 Landfair Ave,

Unit 524 1/2

   9/27 5-9 pm

De Neve

Sycamore Room



  9/29 7pm

Bruin Reception



Resonance Photos-88_edited.png


Q: Should I be scared?

A: Although the idea of an audition can be scary, we don't want you to be scared. We're all rooting for you, and we want you to sound your best and succeed! Everyone on the panel has been through an audition and we understand that it can be nerve-racking. Just breathe! You got this!


Q: All of the audition slots are filled. Can I still audition? 

A: Of course! This should not discourage you at all. We accept and encourage walk-in auditions. We'll have to give priority to those who signed up, but we will fit you in whenever we can.


Q: I don't know what song to sing. What should I do?

A: We suggest that you pick a song that highlights the best parts of your voice. If you think you're the next Queen Bey, then bring on the power! If you're more of a jazz crooner, feel free to make us swoon ;) Whatever makes you confident and comfortable!


Q: Is it okay if I don't have any experience? 

A: While experience would help, it is not absolutely necessary for your admission into the group. We love raw talent. For some of our own members, this was their first time singing! 


Q: When will I find out if I got a callback or not? 

A: We will try to send out the callback list the night of the last round of auditions! 


Q: I can't make callbacks! What do I do?  

A: Unfortunately, we require that you attend our callbacks in order for you to be considered for the group. However, if you reach out to us we will try our best to work with you and figure out a solution. 


Q: I totally blanked and missed the auditions for Resonance. Will there be auditions in the winter? 

A: Normally we only hold auditions in the fall. But stay in touch with us and we'll reach out to you when we hold auditions again! 


Q: Why should I audition for Resonance?

A: The better question is why not? We love to come together and make beautiful music. We challenge ourselves to compete against top-class talent. But most of all, we're a family. Just go for it! 


If you still have questions, please email us at, or visit our Contact page.


Best of luck!